Choctaw Creationism
A Bashful Courtship
A Little Brave and the Medicine Woman
The Badger and the Bear
The Dance in the Buffalo Skull
The Forgotten Ear of Corn
Iktomi and the Coyote
Iktomi and the Ducks
Iktomi and the Faun
Iktomi and the Muskrat
Iktomi's Blanket
Iktomi and the Turtle
Iya, The Camp Eater
Manstin the Rabbit
The Racoon and the Crawfish
The Simpleton's Wisdom
The Shooting of the Red Eagle
Story of the Lost Wife
The Toad and the Boy
The Treebound
The Warlike Seven
The Two Young Friends
The Four Brothers
The Rabbit and Bear Flint Body

The Artichoke and the Muskrat
The Bear and the Rabbit Hunt Buffalo
The Bound Children
The Boy and the Turtles
The Crow Chiefs Daughter
The Faithful Lovers
Feathered Forehead
The Hermit
Legend of Standing Rock
The Little Mice
The Lone Warrior
The Man Oak
Mystery Butte
The Pet Crane
The Pet Crow
The Pet Donkey
The Pet Rabbit
The Rabbit and the Elk
The Rabbit and the Grouse Girls
The Rabbits Story
The Rabbits Tail
The Resuscitation of Only Daughter
The Signs of the Corn
The Story of the Peace Pipe
Unktomi and the Arrowheads
Unktomi and the Plums
Wasna and Unktomi
White Plume
The Wonder Turtle

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