PART I: The False Crusade, the return to evilness.
PART II: The signs preceding the long-awaited coming of the antiChrist.
PART III: The antiChrist.
PART IV: The crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ, bloody reign of the Evil One.
PART V: The last revolution of Saturn, the End of the world.



X.76 Henry’s successor.

Le grand Senat decernera la pompe
A un qu’apres sera vaincu, chasse
Des adherans seront a son de trompe
Biens publiez, ennemy dechasse

Senat: senate; decerner: to award; pompe: ceremony; apres: afterwards; vaincu: vanquished; chasse (chasser): to hunt, shoot; adherans (adherent): supporter, follower; trompe: trumpet, horn; a son de trompe: to the sound of the trumpet, with full publicity; bien: goods, benefit; publiez (publier): to publish, make public; dechausser: to expose the root.

The great Senate shall award the ceremony
To one who afterwards shall be vaquished, expelled
His supporters , at the sound of the trumpet
Shall auction his goods, expose his enemy

COMMENT: King Henry’s successor shall be dishonorable leader who shall be disfavored and disappeared.

I.94 The fate of Muslim nations after the World War.

Au port Selin le tyran mis a mort
La liberte non pourtant recouvree
Le nouveau Mars par vindicte et remort
Dame par force de frayeur honoree

Selin: (Greek) moon or Muslim; pourtant: however; recouvree: recovered; vindicte: prosecution; remort (remords): remorse; frayeur: fear.

At the Muslim port, the tyrant shall be put to death
However, liberty shall not be recovered
New War shall start through persecution and remorse
Women shall be honored due to fear

COMMENT: The Iranian leader shall be executed near Persian Gulf after the War but Muslim societies are still very totalitarian. New wars shall start due to Western persecution and old wounds or frictions between Western and Muslim countries. The role of women in Muslim societies shall be honored and improved due to Western pressure.

III.28 Muslim leader shall be an Egyptian woman after the World War III.

De terre foible et pauvre parentelle
Par bout et paix parviendra dans l’Empire
Long temps regner une Jeune femelle
Qu’onc q’en regne n’en survint un si pire

Foible: feeble; pauvre: poor; parentelle (parente): kindred, relatives; bout: fragment, remaining portion; paix: peace; parviendra (parvenir): to attain ,reach; jeunne: young; onc: ever, never; survint: surviving; pire: worse.

In a feeble land of poor kindreds
As the remnants (of the earth) and peace shall join into the Empire
Long time shall reign one young woman
There has never been a reign which is so worse

COMMENT: During the period of peace the remnants of the earth shall try to survive and heal deep wounds. Egypt ,who shall be unscathed through-out the War shall become the new leader of the defeated Muslim fraction, shall be ruled by a poor young female leader for a long time. They shall be allowed to participate in the world body led by France but shall be mistreated and remain in poverty.

I.15 The Seventy years of wars during the period of False Crusade.

Mars nous menace par la force bellique
Septante fois fera le sang respandre
Auge et ruine de l’Ecclesiastique
Et par ceux qui d’eux rien ne voudront entendre

Nous: us, each other; bellique: warlike; septante: seventy; foi: time, occassion; respandre: to pour, shed; auge: augment, division; eux: they, them; rien: nothing, anything; entendre: to understand, to intent, listen.

Mars shall threaten all of us with war
Seventy times blood shall bed shed
Fragmented and ruined is the Church
By those who will not listen to Her Teaching

COMMENT: After the period of peace for fifty seven years, a period of seventy years of sporadic wars called here as the False Crusade between Western and Muslim factions of the world shall ruin the Church,her authority, and creat much more human sufferings.

III.61 A renowned German leader during the False Crusade.

La grand bande et secte crucigere
Se dressera en Mesopotamie
Du proche fleuve compagnie legere
Que telle loi tiendra pour ennemis

Crucigere (latin = crucigere): to crucify; dresser: to set up, erect, rise up; Mesopotamie: region between two rivers, here southern Germany between Rhine and Danube; proche: near; fleuve: river; compagnie: company; legere: light, swift, light-armed; telle: such, similar; loi: law; tiendra (tenir): to hold, maintain.

A great band and sect of Crusade
Shall rise up in southern Germany
Near the river a light-armed company
Who shall hold such law toward enemies

COMMENT: The Crusade army who shall start out as a small rebels in the southern Germany shall defeat more powerful Muslim occupying force and to restore the Law of the Cross (Christianity) and papacy. These events shall occur shortly before the antiChrist emerges around 2080 -2150 AD according to my calculation.

V.74 A German leader shall be victorius during the period of False Crusade.

De sang Troyen naistra coeur Germanique
Qui de viendra en si haute puissance
Hors chassera gent estrange Arabique
Tournant l’Eglise en pristine pre-eminence

Naistre: to be born; puissance: power; hors: out, outside; gent: race, nation; tournant (tour): to turn, turn about.

Of Trojan blood a German heart shall be born
Who shall obtain so high a power
Who shall chase away a strange Arabic race
Return to the Church her pristine pre-eminence

COMMENT: This German leader shall drive away the Muslim force led by Egypt. This shall happen after the World War (1999-2028AD), after the period of peace (2028 - 2085AD), between 2085AD to 2155AD, and before the coming of the antichrist (2156-2160). These numbers of course are not exact but just my own approximate calculations.


III.34 The greatest solar eclipse, the sign of calamities.

Quand le deffaut du soleil lors sera
Sur le plain jour le monstre sera veu
Tout autrement on l’interpretera
Cherte n’a garde, nul n’y aura pourveu

Deffaut: default, defect; lors: then; plain: on the same level of equality; veu: viewed; tout: totally; autrement: otherwise, differently; on:one; cherte: high price; n’a : not have; garde: guarding, watching; nul: not one, null; pourveu (pourvoir): provided for, supply the need.

When the solar eclipse shall occur
On the plain daylight a monster shall be seen
Completely falsely one shall interprete
No one is watchful, no provider, high price shall be paid

COMMENT: When the greatest solar eclipse ( greatest since the Crucifixion of the Lord) shall occur, the anti-Christ shall emerge. Not many will be able to interprete the warning sign from Heaven.

I.84 The Sun hidden , the anti-Christ revealed.

Lune obscur cie aux profondes tenebres
Son frere passe de colour ferrigine
Le grand cache long temps soubs les tenebres
Tiendra fer dans la pluie sanguine

Profond: deep; tenebre: darkness; frere: brother: ferrigine: rusty; cache: hidden; sous: under; fer: iron, sword; pluie: rain.

When the moon obscurs the sky with profound darkness
Her brother (the sun) shall cover with rusty color
The great one hidden for a long time in darkness (obscurity)
Shall soak his sword in the rain of blood

COMMENT: When a great solar eclipse occur, the antichrist shall be revealed in about 2155 AD according to my calculation.

II.62 The antichrist shall come after WW III and after the great comet.

Mabus puis tost, alors mourra viendra
De gens et bestes une horrible defaite
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra
Sang, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comette

Mabus: the name or anagram of the name of the antichrist; puis: then, afterwards; tost (tot): soon, quickly; alors: then; defaite: defeat, undoing; tout a coup: suddenly; on: one; verra (voir): shall see; main: hand; soif: thirst; courir: to run, hurry, speed up.

Afterwards Mabus soon comes then soon dies
Half human and half beast, the abomination of the desolation born
Then suddenly one shall witness Divine chastisement
Blood, tyrant, thirst, famine, while the comet is speeding toward the planet earth

COMMENT: The antichrist shall reign only for three and half years. He is the abomination of desolation mentioned both by our Lord in the Gospel and by the prophet Daniel. He shall come while the great comet is on the course of collision with the earth. The antichrist shall come only because the sinfulness of the world shall reach the climax which yields a fertile ground for him to be incarnated .

I.69 A gigantic meteor shall collide with the earth. the great covenant between God and men shall be broken.

La grand montagne ronde de sept estades
Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation
Roulera loing, abismant grand contrades
Memes antiques et grand fondation

Montagne: mountain; ronde: round; estades (etat): state, country; paix: peace; inondation: flood; roulera (rouler): to roll up, push; loing (oin): far away; abismant (abimer): to damage, ruin; contrades (contrat): covenant, contract; memes: to mess up, destroy.

A round mountain as great as seven states
After peace, war, famine, deluges
Shall push afar, damage the Great Covenant
Shall destroy ancient landscape, and great foundations

COMMENT: A gigantic meteor or asteroid shall hit the earth after the great period of chastisements including flood, famine, war, and peace ( The order was listed in reverse by Nostradamus). It probably shall destroy seven coastal countries and its impact shall be great. It shall appear right before the reign of the antichrist, signifying the breaking up of God’s Covenant with men.

VIII.16 The destruction due to tidal waves in Mediterranean due to the collision with a comet.

Au lieu que Jieson feit sa nef fabriquer
Si grand deluge sera et si subite
Qu’on n’aura lieu ne terres s’ataquer
L’onde monter Fesulan Olympique

Lieu: place; Jieson: (Greek mythology) Jieson built his ship on Mount Olympic; nef: ship; subit: sudden; ataquer (attaquer): to attack, tackle with; onde: wave; monter: to climb, mount.

At the place Jieson fabricated his ship
So great deluge shall come suddenly
One shall have no place or land to tackle with
The tidal wave shall climb to Mount Olympic

COMMENT: Coastal cities around Mediterranean shall be submerged in flood or tidal waves. Gigantic tidal waves shall be created by the collision of a comet colliding with the earth before the coming of the antichrist.

II.75 Unusual birds shall cry in the sky before the coming of the antichrist.

La voix oui de l’insolit oiseau
Sur le canon du respiral estage
Si haut viendra de froment le boisseau
Que l’homme d’homme sera Antropophage

Voix: voice; ouie (ouire): to hear; insolit: unusual; oiseau: bird, pigeon; canon: canon (gun) or eclesiatic canon (the Church’s law); respiral: breathable; estage: floor, stage, rank; froment: wheat; oisseau: bushel; homme: man; homme d’homme: son of man; Antropophage: Antichrist (Antro = anti in latin).

The voice of unsual bird shall be heard
Over the gun in the stage of exhaustion
So highly priced shall be a bushel of wheat
That the son of man shall be the Antichrist

COMMENT: Before the emergence of the Evil One, one shall see unusual birds crying in the sky. Famine shall be so widespread that the Antichrist shall become a god-like figure and benefactor to many.

I.87 The great earthquake in California.

Ennosigee, feu du centre de terre
Fera trembler autour de Cite Neufue
Deux grands rocher long temps ferot la guerre
Puis Arethusa rougira nouveau Fleuve

Ennosigee: "fire from the center of the earth" or lava; feu: fire; centre: center: terre:earth; autour: around, about; neufue: new; Cite Neufue: modern city; ferot (feroce): fierce, ferocious; puis: afterwards; Areth-usa: usa or USA; rougir: to color red.

Fire from the center of the earth
Shall tremble around a Modern City
Two great rocks fight a fierce battle for a long time
Afterwards USA shall cover a new river red

COMMENT: This is a rare occassion that the prophet Nostradamus interprete for us his own mysterious terminology that most of time only he himself could know the meaning because he made them up himself. Here he informed us that "Ennosigee" meant lava.The Andreas Fault shall rupture and bury California and creat a new geographic landscape with a new river. Two great rocks are the faults rubbing against one another. As being discussed before, the term "Cite Neufue" was only used twice, once here and another time when Nostradamus discussed about the period of peace. Thus the great earthquake might occur right after the World War III or around 2028 - 2030 AD or before the coming of the antichrist.


III.35 The antichrist’s origin.

Du plus profond de l’Occident d’Europe
De pauvres gens un jeune enfant niastra
Qui par sa langue seduira grande trouppe
Son bruit au regne d’orient plus croistra

Profond: deep; pauvre: poor; gens: people; jeune: young; naitra (naitre): to be born; langue: tongue; seduira (seduire); to seduce; troupe: troop, gang, crowd; bruit: noise, fame; regne: reign.

From the deepest part of the Western Europe
From the poor people, one young infant shall be born
Who through his tongue shall seduce great crowd
His fame in Eastern kingdoms shall increase

COMMENT: The antichrist shall be born in Attica of Greece (modern Athens). He shall be an eloquent religious leader who attracts great many followers and shall dominate Muslim and Eastern world with his charisma.

V.31 The birth-place of the antichrist.

Par terre Attique chef de la sapience
Qui de present est la Rose du Monde
Pont ruine et sa grand preeminence
Sera subdite et naufrage de undes

Attique: Attica, now part of Atthens of Greece; sapience: wisdom; monde: the world; pont: bridge; subdite: sudden; naufrage: shipwreck, total destruction; undes: ( Honestly, I returned the dictionary to the library, therefore, I do not know the meaning of this word, sorry.)

In Athenian land shall be the brightest of wisdom
Which at the present the Rose of the world
The bridge between ruins and preeminence
Shall come suddenly the total destruction

COMMENT: Athen , the birth-place of the antichrist shall become one of the centers of the world after the world war III and during the False Crusade.

I.95 The antichrist’s background and early profession.

Devant Moustier trouve enfant besson
D’heroicq sang de moyne vestutisque
Son bruit par secte, langue et Puissance son
Qu’on dira soit efleue le Vospique

Devant: before; Moustier (monastere): monastery; trouve: found; besson: twin; moyne (moine): monk; vestutisque (vetuste): (latin = vestustico) aged, ancient ; bruit: noise, sensational popularity; que... soit....: whether... or...; elever: elevate, raise up; vospique: (latin = vospiscus) living twin.

Before the monastery, one baby twin shall be found
Whose father shall be a high-ranking old monk
He shall be dynamic through religion, masterful speech, and power
Well-liked whether one talk or praise the twin

COMMENT: The antichrist shall be born as one surviving twin whose father shall be a monk and mother a prostitute. He shall be raised and educated as a devout Catholic and later on become a dynamic preacher or speaker of the Church. He shall have a great deal of charismatism.

VIII.79 More on the antichrist background, acitivties, and death.

Qui par fer pere perdra nay de Nonnaire
De gorgon sur la fera sang perfetant
En terre etrange fera si tout de taire
Qui bruslera lui meme et son entante

Fer: iron ,sword; pere: father; perdra (perdre): to lose, waste, (obs.) to kill, destroy; nai (naitre): born; Nonnaire: No-life or Death; gorgon: (Greek myth.) evil repusive woman; perfetant: perfect; taire: to be silent, suppress, bruslera (brusler): to burn, incinerate, scorch; lui: him; meme: same; lui meme: himself; entante: understanding, alliance, agreement.

Who by sword shall kill his father, and begot by Death
And by repulsive woman upon her laid perfect blood
On the foreign land he shall make all silent
He shall burn himself and his alliance

COMMENT: The antichrist shall be born from a prostitue. He shall be begot by Satan. He shall kill his own father, conquer many nations, slaughter vast multitudes and at the end shall be destroyed by heavenly lightning and burnt to death.

IV.31 The antichrist is a spiritual and immortal being begot by Satan.

Le lune au plain de nuit sur le haut mont
Le nouveau sophe d’un seul cerveau l’a veu
Par ses disciples estre immortel semond
Yeux au midy en sens mains corps au feu

Nuit: night; sophe: wise man; seul: single, alone; cerveau: brain, intellect, mind; etre: being; semond: summons, admonition; yeux: eyes; au midy: toward the south; sens: sense; mains: hands; corp: body.

The moon in the stillness of the night upon the high mountain
The new wise man single-minded shall be seen
For his disciples, the immortality of his being is illustrated
Eyes toward the south with his senses, hands, and body immersed in fire

COMMENT: The antichrist shall be a mystical religious leader as well as a military commander who shall be single-mindedly "consecrated" to serve his master, Satan. He shall come from southern Europe or Greece and his ambition shall lie south toward the Middle East.

I.96 The antichrist’s charisma.

Celui qu’aura la charge de destruire
Temples et sectes changees par fantasie
Plus aux rochers qu’aux vivans viendra nuire
Par langue ornee d’oreilles ressaisies

Celui: one, he; fantaisise: fancy, imagination, illusion; vivans (vivant): living; nuire: to harm, to injure; ornee: graceful; oreilles: ears; ressaisie (ressaisir): to capture, to regain.

He shall be chosen to be the force of destruction
Temples and religions shall be changed due to fanciful illusions
More physical buildings than the living shall be harmed
Through smooth talking, he shall recapture one’s ears

COMMENT: The continuation of the preceding quatrain.

VIII.57 The antichrist shall be a brilliant soldier.

De souldat simple parviendre en empire
De robe courte parviendra a la longue
Vaillant aux armes en eglise ou plus pire
Vexer les prestres comme l’eau faict l’eponge

Souldat: soldier; parviendra (parvenir): to rise to, obtain; courte: short; vaillant: valiant; eglise: the church; ou: (probably "ne", ne plus means no more; pire: worse, le pire: the worst; vwxer: to vex, harass; prestre (pretre): priest; comme: like; eau: water; eponge: sponge.

From a simple soldier shall rise to an empire
With a short robe shall obtain a long one
Valiant in arms, in church none is worse
Shall harass priests like water soaked into sponge

COMMENT: The antichrist shall start his military career as a simple soldier but later on he shall command an empire. He shall exchange a priestly robe for a kingly one. He shall be a brilliant military commander and shall persecute Christians and priests.

V.84 The background of the antichrist and how he obtain power.

Naistra du gouphre et cite immesuree
Nai de parens obscurs et tenebreux
Quand la puissance du grand Roy reveree
Voudra destruire par Rouen et Evreux

Naitre: to be born; gouphre (gouffre): gulf, abyss; immesuree: immeasurable; nai : born; parens: parents; tenebreux: secret, sinister; reveree (reverer): revered, honored; quand: when; detruire: to destroy.

Shall be born from the abyss (or gulf) and immeasurable city
His parents are obscure and sinister
While the power of a great king is revered
Shall destroy through Rouen and Evreux

COMMENT: The antichrist shall be born somewhere in Mediterranean or in Jesuralem. The Immeasurable City can be either Athens or Jerusalem. He shall take over the power of a French king to be the leader of the world through cheating using his supporter from Rouen and Evreux (two French towns).


VIII.78 The antichrist, the heretic with a harmful tongue.

Un Bragamas avec la langue torte
Viendra des dieux rompre le sanctuaire
Aux heretiques il ouvrira la porte
Et suscitant l’eglise militaire

Bragamas: Bragamas here is the antichrist who shall introduce the false, heretic religion replacing Christianity. Brahma is a Hindu religion in which Brahma is the creator, a divine essence and Siva the destroyer. Brahma is idolized as a red figure with four heads and four arms; langue: tongue; torte: harmful, wrong; viendra (venir): to come; dieux: gods; rompre: to break; sanctuaire: sanctuary; il: he; ouvrir: to open; porte: door, gate; suscitant (susciter): to raise up, create.

One Brahman with a harmful tongue
Shall come to break the sanctuary of God
For the heretics, he shall open the gate
And create a military church

COMMENT: The antichrist shall propagate the false religion which shall imitate Christianity closely but denying God in Blessed Trinity. He shall destroy the Holy See or the Sanctuary of the Lord. He shall lead a church which shall conquer by military force, not by religious doctrines.

I.97 The antichrist shall destroy the world.

Ce que fer, flamme, n’a sceu paracheuver
La douce langue au conseil viendra faire
Par repos, songe, le roy fera rescuer
Plus l’ennemy en feu, sang militaire

Ce: what; que... ne..: neither.. nor..; sceu (sceau): seal, mark, to put seal on, to crown; paracheuver (parachever): to finish, complete; douce: sweet, soft; repos: rest; songe: dream, illusion; resuer (reuser): to destroy again.

What neither sword nor flame can finish
A clever tongue shall accomplish through council
After a rest, a dream shall entice the king to destroy again
More enemies shall die in fire and bloody war

COMMENT: The antichrist shall destroy the world through persecution, war, and deception. He shall receive instructions and be instigated by his master, the Evil One through dreams.

III.60 The antichrist shall divide and conquer Minor Asia and Middle East.

Par toute Asie grande proscrition
Meme en Mysie, Lysie et Pamphylie
Sang versera par dissolution
D’un jeunne noir remply de felonnie

Asie: Asia, here Minor Asia; proscription: (latin = proscripto) confiscation; Mysie, Lysie, Pamphylie: regions in Minor Asia; versera (verser): to pour out; dissolution: dissolving, falling apart; remply (remplir): to fill up, full; felonnie: felony, treason.

Throughout Asia the great confiscation
The same in Mysia, Lysia, and Pamphylia
Blood shall shed due to dissolution
Of a young black filling up with treasons

COMMENT: A tyrant possibly the antichrist shall divide and then conquer all Minor Asia and Middle East in a brutal fashion.

VIII.70 The antichrist shall aldulterous women to make friends.

Il entrera vilain, meschant, infame
Tyrannisant la Mesopotamie
Tous amis fait d’adulterine dame
Terre horrible noir de physiognomie

Il: he; entrera (entrer): to enter, come in; meschant (mechant): wicked, evil; infame: infamous; amis: friends; fait: made; terre: terrible; noir: black; physiognomie (physionomie): countenace, appearance, look.

He shall come as villain , wicked, infamous
Tyrannize the Mesopotamie
All friendship made with aldulterous women
Terrible, horrible, black appearance

COMMENT: the antichrist shall tyrannize Middle East, using women to gain alliance. He shall have a beastly appearance or shall have a devilish look. Nostradamus might just imply that the antichrist was begot by the Beast.

V.67 Daily life and society under the reign of the antichrist.

Quand chef Perousse n’osera sa tunique
Sens au couvert tout nud s’expolier
Seront print sept fait aristocratique
Le pere et fils morts par points au collier

Rousse (perousse): police or red; osera (oser): to dare, attempt; tunique: tunic, coat; sens: sense; couvert: shelter, cover; nud: nude; expolier (exposer); to expose; print: principal; fait: made, shaped; aristocratique: aristocrat; pere: father; fils: son; collier; collar.

When the police chief cannot take off his clothes
Or expose himself totally nude in his own home
Seven principals shall make up the governing Aristocrat
A father and his son persecuted by the sharp points on their collars

COMMENT: This quatrain describes the totalitarian and evil government which shall govern the world during the reign of the antichrist or shortly before that.

II.20 The antichrist can see into a human heart and probe a human mind.

Freres et soeurs en plusieurs lieux captifs
Se trouveront passer pres du Monarque
Les contempler ses Deux yeux ententifs
Des plaisant voir, meton, frond, nez les marques

Frere: brother; soeur: sister; lieu: place; trouveront: to find, discover; contempler: to contemplate, observe; entente: understanding, comprehension; ententif: understanding, knowing; plaisant: pleasant, humorous; voir: look; meton (menton): chin; frond (front): forehead; nez: nose; marque: mark, imprint, scar.

Brothers and siters are captives in many places
Shall find themselves passing before a Monarch
He shall observe them with two all-knowing eyes
With amusing look, he examines their chin, forehead, nose, and marks.

COMMENT: This quatrain might describe the persecution of the Jews and Christians by German Nazi, Muslim conquerors or by the antichrist or all of the above.

VIII.82 A Christian slave under the antichrist’s reign.

Ronge long, sec, faisant du bon vallet
A la parfin n’aura que son congie
Poignant poison , tettres au collet
Sera saisi eschappe en dangie

Ronge (ronger): to eat away, wear out; sec: dry, dried up; faisant (faire): to work, perform; valet: man servant, footman; parfin: the end; aura: have; congie: dismissal, discharge; poignant: poignant, acutely painful pungent; collet: collar; saisi (saisir): seized, caught; eschappe (echapper): to escape; dangie: danger.

Long, worn-out, dried up, one works as a good man servant
At the end shall not have dismissal
Pungent poison, letters printed around the collar
Shall try to escape from danger but shall be caught

COMMEMT: A Christian shall be used as a slave who is indentified with his collar around his neck. When he had nothing left to offer, he shall be killed with poison or electric collar.

V.63 Italians shall rebel against the antichrist and shall be crushed.

De vaine empire l’honneur indue plainte
Galiots errants par Latins, froid, faim, vagues
Non loing du Tymbre de sang la terre tainte
Et sur les humains seront diverses plagues

Emprise: enterprise, influence; indue: undue, unreasonable, excessive; plainte: complaint, wailing; froid: cold; faime: famine; vague: wave, surge; loing: far; Tymbre: River Tiber where Vatican is located.

With a futile venture, due to vain honor, and excessive waling
By the Romans, galleys shall encounter cold, famine, and tidal waves through their journey
Not far from Tiber River, soil shall be stained with blood
And through human hands, many plague shall come

COMMENT: The readers can find numerous scriptural references for Nostradamus’s prophecies from the great prophetic Book of all, the Bible. Here one shall be able to find the very good reference in Daniel 11:30 cited as follows:
" And the galleys and the Romans shall come upon him (the antichrist), and he shall be struck, and shall return, and shall have indignation against the covenant of the Sanctuary, and he shall succeed: and he shall return and shall devise against them that have forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary."

II.56 The final destiny of the antichrist.

Que peste et glaive n’a s’en definer
Mort dans le pluies sommet du ciel frappe
L’abbe mourra quand verra ruiner
Ceux au naufrage, l’escueil voulant grapper

Peste: plague; glaive: two-edged sword; definer: to define, determine; pluie: rain; sommet: top, summit, pinnacle; frappe: striking, inflicting; abbe: abbot, priest; verra (voir): to see; ruiner: to ruin, destroy; naufrage: shipwreck; ecueil: reef, snadbank; vouloir: to will, determine; grapper: to grab.

Who neither plague nor sword can finish
Shall die in the rain, on the mountain top, struck by lightning
The priest shall die while witnessing his troop
Being ruined in a naval battle, survivors trying to grab the sandbank

COMMENT: The antichrist, a former priest, shall be destroyed on the top of the mountain in the Holy Land by the Hand of the Lord, but he shall not be destroyed by human hands or by the force of nature. At the same time, his naval force is losing the major battle in the Mediterranean Sea offshore from Mount Sinai.

X.31 The faithful remnants after the reign of the antichrist...

Le Sainct Empire viendra en Germaine
Ismaelites trouveront lieux ouverts
Asnes viendront aussie la Carmanie
Les soustenans de terre tous couverts

Viendra (venir): to enter, come; Germaine: Germany; Ismael: Muslim name of Isaac; Ismaelite: Israelite, the chosen people; trouver: to discover, find; lieux: place, occassion; ouvert: open, unfortified, free; asne (ane): ass; aussie: also; Carmanie: Carmania, province of ancient Persia, now modern Afghanistan; soustenans: defender, supporter.

The saintly Empire ( the church) shall come to Germany
Israelites shall discover open lands
Asses shall also come out of Carmania
His followers cover all the earth

COMMENT: After the reign of the antichrist and all the chastisements, the remnants of the Church, the new Israelites, shall come out of their hiding places located in arid terrains, shall once again multiply on earth. The center of the Church shall be in Germany.


X.74 The human history and the end of the world.

Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme
Apparoistra au temps ieux d’ Hecatombe
Non eloigne du grand age miliesme
Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe

Revolu: revolution; nombre: number; septiesme: seventh; apparoistra: shall appear; temps; time, period; hecatombe: hecatomb, massacre, slaughter; eloigne: far; miliesme: millenium; sortir: to come out; leur; their; entrez: entrance (of tomb).

At the revolution of the grand seventh number
Shall appear at times those of massacres
Not far from the grand millenium
In which the deceased shall come out of their tomb

COMMENT: The earthly creation began at about 4000BC or the first millenium and shall end at the seventh millenium or after 3000AD. The grand millenium is our lifetime and beyond or beginning at about 2000 AD in which mankind shall reach the climax of evils and of the course of human history. During the sixth milenium, there shall be many bloody wars or chastisments. In the prophetic language used in the holy Scripture, number 6 stands for evilness and imperfection , and number 7 for completion and perfection.

I.48 Nostradamus’s prophecies shall be completely fulfilled at the end of the world.

Vingt ans du regne de la lune passez
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa momarchie
Quand le soleil prendra ses jours laissez
Lors accomplit a fine ma Prophecie

Vingt: twenty; sept mil: seven thousand; prendre: to take up, grasp; laissez (laisser): to leave behind; lors: then; fin: the end.

Twenty years the reign of the moon shall pass
After seven thousand years another similar monarchie shall tenure
When the sun shall take hold of its remaining days
Then my prophecy shall be finished

COMMENT: The Eastern kings (Russian and Muslim) shall dominate, control, and ruin Europe and the world for twenty bloody years. At the end of the world, another bloody period shall take place with Satan reigning the world himself. Seven thousand years symbolize the completion of human hsitory. then Nostradamus’s prophecies shall be fulfilled. According to the seer, the End of the world shall come at about 3900 AD.

VIII.28 The Final Judgment.

Les simulachres d’or et d’argent enflez
Qu’apres le rapt, lac au feu furent jettez
Au descouvert estaincta tous et troublez
Au marbre escripts, perscripts interiettez

Simulachre: phantom, illusion, mirage; or: gold; argent: silver; enflez (enfler): to swell, increase in volume or enflammer meaning to inflame; rapt: rapture or enticement; lac: lake; furent (fureur): furious, in rage; jeter: to throw, toss; decouvert: discovered; estaint: stained; troublez: to disrupt, trouble; marbre: marble; escript: script, hand-writing; prescript: predestined, predetermined; interiettez: (not known).

The images loaded with gold and silver
Who after the rapture ( or enticement ) shall be tossed in the lake of burning fire
Shall be discovered as totally stained and troubled
Script written in marble, interiorly predetermined
(Names written in scripts and marble. predetermined interiorly)

COMMENT: At the Final Judgment, the damned shall be tossed into the hellfire and emerge from it as a beastly figure. On the other hand, the names of the saints are engraved by the Fingers of God into the Marble Book of Life (Rev. 2:17).

V.79 The Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Judge.

le sacree pompe veindra baisse les aisles
Par la venue du grand Legislateur
Humble haussera, vexera les rebelles
Naitra sur terre aucun semulateur

Sacree: sacred; pompe:ceremony; baisse (baisser): to lower, bow; aisle (aile): wing; venue: arrival, advent; Legislateur: the Judge; hausser: to raise up; vexera (vexer): to humuliate; aucun: (not) any; semulateur: imitator, here deceiver.

Cherubims and Seraphims shall bow down their wings
Upon the descendance of the Great Judge
He shall raise up the lowly, and humble the proud
No more shall be born any deceiver on earth

COMMENT: The Glorious Second Advent of our Lord at the End of the World is described here in all Its Glory. He shall come back as the Just Judge.

VI.18 Jesus Christ shall reign in Heaven with His Chosen Ones.

Par les physiques le grand Roy delaisse
Par fort non art ne l’Ebrieu est en vie
Lui et son genre au regne haut pousse
Grace donne a gent qui Christ envie

Physique: materialistic; delaisse: forsaken, neglected; fort; strength; art: art, here man-made idols; Ebrieu: Hebrew; vie: life; Lui: Him; genre: gender, sort, kind; haut: high; pousse: shoot, growth; pousser: to advance, promote; donne (donner): to bestow, give; envie: desire, want.

In the materialistic realm, the great King shall be forsaken
For life eternal, one shall not find either idols or Judaism
With Him, His chosen people shall reign on high
Grace bestowed upon the ones who desire the Lord