PART I: The abandoned vineyard, the present state of the Church.
PART II: The purification of Divine winepress, Christian persecution
during the World War III.
PART III: The Divine Providence.


III.65 The murder of Pope John Paul I.

Quand le sepulchre du grand Romain trouve
Le jour apres sera eleu pontife
Du senat gueres it ne sera prouve
Empoisonne son sang au sacre scyphe

Trouve (trouver): to discover, find; eleu: elected; senat: senate; guerre: war; il: he, it, there; prouve (prouver): to prove; empoisonne (empoissoner): to poison; sacre: sacred; scyphe (syphon): syphon, drain trap.

When the tomb of a great Roman discovered
The day after the pontif shall be elected
Due to war with the senate, it shall never be proved
That he was poisoned and his blood in the sacred drain trap

COMMENT: After the tomb of Saint Peter was discovered, Pope Paul I was elected and murdered with poison. Another quatrain in the next chapter also indicates that both John Paul’s will eventually be martyred.

II.30 The New Mass of many languages, the antichrist.

Un qui les dieux d’Annibal infernaux
Fera renaistre, effrayeur des humains
Oncq plus d’horreur ne plus dire journaux
Qu’ advint viendra par Babel aux Romains

Dieu: God; Annibal: ancient King Annibal who once terrorized Rome, the new "resurrected" Annibal kings of Eastern alliance also terrorize the modern Rome or the Church; infernaux: infernal, devilish; renaitre: to be born; revive; effrayeur: to terrify; oncq: ever, never; dire: to say, speak; journal: journal, paper; advint (advenir): to happen; viendra: shall come; Babel: here means the Mass of many languages; Romain: here means clergy or Catholics.

One whom the infernal gods of Annibal
Shall be reborn to terrorize mankind
Never greater horror have been reported
One shall come due to the Babel Mass given to the clergy

COMMENT: The Eastern or Muslim alliance shall be the modern Annibal who shall invade and destroy Rome and persecute Christians in Europe. The brutal invaders shall come as the direct consequence of the irreverence to the Holy Mass or Holy Eucharist and due to the abandonment of the Church’s Teaching and Tradition. This quatrain amazingly describes accurately the wrongful implementation of Vatican II begining with the introduction of the New Mass and modern liturgical reforms which border with heretics.

II.13 The walking dead, death shall replace birth.

Le corps sans ame plus n’etre en sacrifice
Jour de la mort mis en nativite
L’esprit divin fera l’ame felice
Voyant le verbe en son eternite

Corps: body, dead corp; ame: soul; felice (felicite): happiness, joy; voyant (voir): shall see; verbe (Verbe): the Word of God.

The walking dead without soul shall no longer enter into the Holy Sacrifice
The day of death shall replace the day of birth
The Holy Spirit shall comfort a soul
Who shall see the Word in his eternity

COMMENT: The evil generation shall no longer receive the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Many shall still attend Mass but with much disrespect, indifference, or blasphemy. Death shall replace birth when the culture of death (abortion and violence) become acceptable. For the true believers, God is still with him.

IV.25 Men become walking dead with less desire for prayer.

Corps sublimes sans fin a l’oeil visibles
Obnubiler viendra par ses raisons
Corps, front compris, sense, chef et invisibles
Dimineant les sacrees oraisons

Corps: body, substance; sans: without; fin : the end; l’oeil: eye; obnubiler: to obscure; ses: (plural) his, her; raison: reason; front: forehead, head; compris (comprendre): enclosed; dimineant: shall diminish; sacree: sacred; oraison: prayer.

Eternal Sublime Substance once visible to naked eyes
Shall be made obscure due to rationalism
Walking dead, enclosed mind, blind judment, invisible heads (chief)
Shall diminish the sacred prayer

COMMENT: Prayers shall be diminished while men become walking dead.

II.12 Blindness of legal system, Apostasy from the clergy.

Yeux clos ouverts d’antique fantasie
L’habit des seules seront mis a neant
Le grand monarque chastira leur frenaisie
Ravir des temples le thresor par devant

Yeux: (plural of oeil) eyes; clos: closed; ouvert: opened; fantasie (fantiasie): fancy, imagination; habit: religious habit; seule: single, here celibate; neant: nothing; chastira (chatier): to chastise, punish; frenaisie (frenesie): madness, frenzy; ravir: to carry off, rob of; thresor (tresor): treasure; devant: before, ahead.

Eyes closed now opened because of the antique temptation
The celibate shall abandon their habits
The great king shall chastise them for their frenzy blindness
After they have ravished the Church’s properties

COMMENT: Eyes closed figuratively indicate a just justice. Eyes now opened means a distorted legal system. There shall be no longer a legal justice due to greed, bias, artificial technicality, and human blindness. The religious shall be chastised for their abandonment of the Church’s Teaching and Tradition, and for misleading their fold. Sadly today the religious refuse to wear their habits which signify the highest distinction and also the vow and commitment to their Creator.

II.8 The Church becomes humanistic or neo-paganistic while abandoning the Sacred Doctrines & Traditions.

Temples sacrez prime facon Romaine
Reietteront les goffes fondemens
Prenant leurs loix premieres et humaines
Chassant, non tout, des saints les cultemens

Sacrez: sacred, consecrated; prime: primitive, early; facon: fashion; reitteront (rietirer): to reiterate, repeat; goffe (gofle): consumed (with pride); fondemens (fondement): foundation ; prenant: fascinating; loix: laws; premiere: first; chassant: shall chase, follow; tout: all cultemens (culte): religious practice.

Temples shall be consecrated to the early Roman rituals
Shall reiterate the hollow foundation
Using laws based on natural human instincts
Shall follow in parts, not all, the saintly traditions

COMMENT: The Church shall become neo-paganistic due to the abandonment of the Holy Teaching and Tradition. Religious practices shall be based on modernistic humanism and animal instincts. The Teaching of the Church by her Magisterium shall be accepted only in parts, not as the whole. Catholics are now labeled "cafeteria" Catholics.

VI.10 Ecumanism in the West, Pagamism in the East, Natural disasters abounded.

Un peu de temps les temples de coleurs
De blanc et noir les deux entremeslee
Rouges et jaunes leur embleront les leurs
Sang, terre, peste, faim. feu, d’eau affolee

Peu: a little while; temps: time; blanc: white; noir: black; entremeler: to mix, mingle;; rouge: red, here communist; jaune: yellow, here Chinese; , les leurs: their own; embleront: shall embrace; peste: plague; faim: famine; feu: fire; eau: water; affolce: terrified, panic-stricken.

For short time, temples of many colors erected
People shall not distinguish black and white
Red and yellow embrace their own kinds
Blood, land, plague, famine, fire, panic-stricken by flood

COMMENT: The false ecumanical movement of the presence shall mingle many religious sects without possessing the Truth or True Faith. It is the disguise to secularize the Church.

VII.7 Apocalyptical horsemen advance while heretical shepherds lead their sheep to the

Sur le combat des grands chevaus legers
On criera le grand croissant confond
De nuit tuer moutons, habits de bergers
Abisme rouges dans le fosse profond

Chevau (chevaux): horse, horse-rider; leger: light, swift; crier: to cry; croissant: Muslims; confond (confondre): to confound, to bring to confusion; nuit: night; tuer: to kill, slaughter; mouton: sheep; berger: shepherd; abismes: abyss; rouge: red; fosse: pit; profond: deep .

Upon the combat against the great apocalyptical horsemen
One shall cry in confusion while great Muslim invaders advance
In darkness of the night, sheep shall be slaughtered by heretical clergy disguised in habits of shepherds
The flaming abyss in the deep dungeon awaits many

COMMENT: (Too sad for me to make any comment.)

III.92 The Apocalypse or the end times.

Le monde proche du dernier periode
Saturn encor tard sera de retour
Translat empier devers nation Brodde
L’oeil arrache a Narbon par autour

Monde: world; proche: near; dernier: last, latest; dernier periode: the end times; Saturn: (fig.) the Lord; encor: again; tard: late; retour: coming back, return; translat: to turn into; empier: empire; devers: on the side of, toward; Brodde: rodden; oeil: eye; arrache (arracher): to pull out; Narbon: Narbonne, city of S. France, near the Mediterranean Sea; autour: hawk.

The world near the last period
The Lord again shall be late in return
The Roman empire shall translate into a rodden nation
Eyes shall be picked out in Narbonne by the hawk

COMMENT: The end times are not the End of the world, therefore, the Second Coming of the Lord shall not yet take place. During this last period of human history, the Church or the Christian Roman Empire shall be deteriorating. Narbonne or coastal France shall be attacked by hostile forces.


I.44 Christians shall be subjected to martyrdom during World War III.

En bref seront de retour sacrifices
Contrevenans seront mis a martyre
Plus ne seront moines, abbez ne novices
Le miel sera beaucoup plus cher que cire

Bref: brief; retour: return; contrevenant: offender; martyre: martyrdom; plus ne: no more; moine: monk; abbez: abbot; miel: honey; cher: dear, cherished; cire: wax.

For a brief time, sacrifices shall reccur
Offenders shall be subject to martyrdom
No more monks, abbots or novices
Food (honey) shall be more cherished than wax candles

COMMENT: Religious persecution during wars and great loss of faith.Offenders are the unfaithful Christians who are offending God.

VIII.93 Schism shall take place at the beginning of the War.

Sept mois sans plus obtiendra prelature
Par son decez grand scisme fera naistre
Sept mois tiendra un autre la preture
Pres de Venise paix union renaistre

Mois: month; obtiendra (obtenir): to obtain; sans plus: no more than; prelature: prelate, bishop; decez (deces): deceased; scisme: schism; autre: another; preture (prelature): prelate; renaistre: to be reborn.

No more than seven months one shall obtain the papacy
Through his death great schism shall be born
Seven months another one shall tenure
Near Venise peace and union shall be born again

COMMENT: At the beginning of the European conflict, one pope who is probably the successor of John Paul II, shall reign only for seven months. He might be martyred by the the occupying forces. Great Schism shall take place after his death as his successor shall be a liberal one. At the end of the War, another pope shall reign also for seven months and he shall be martyred by the withdrawing Muslim force. Afterwards, peace shall come.

VI.25 Italians shall betray papacy. A young African cardinal shall be elected pope.

Par Mars constraire sera la Monarchie
Du grand pescheur en trouble ruineux
Jeune, noire, rouge prendra la hierarchie
Les proditeurs iront jour bruineux

Constraire: contrary, opposite; pescheur (pecheur): fisherman; ruineux: disastrous, in ruin; jeune: young; prendra: take, manage; proditeur: (latin = proditor) traitor; bruineux (brumeux): misty.

War shall adversely affect the Monarchie
Of the great fisherman which shall be in trouble and ruin
The young, black, and red shall take over the hierarchie
The traitors shall penetrate on a misty day

COMMENT: The great Monarchie of the great Fisherman (St. Peter) is the Church. The young, black, red is a young cardinal from Africa who shall be elected as the pope during the difficult time of the Church. Italian traitors shall betray the papacy and Rome.

VI.26 The Church’s Doctrine and Tradition shall be abandoned by a sensual pope.

Quartre ans le siege quelque peu bien tiendra
Un surviendra libidineux de vie
Ravenne et Pise, Veronne soustiendront
Pour elever la croix du Pape envie

Quartre: four; siege: seat, papacy; quelque peu: somewhat; tiendra (tenir): to hold, tenure; surviendra (survivre): to survive; live on; libidineux: (latin = libidinosus) licentious, sensuous; soustiendront (soutenir): to support; elever: to elevate; croix: cross; pape: pope; envie: envy; faire envie: to be tempting.

He shall keep the papacy somewhat good for four years
Then shall live on a licentious life
Ravenne, Pise, and Veronne shall support him
By elevating the cross according to the pope’s temptation

COMMENT: This (anti-)pope is the one mentioned in the preceding quatrain VI.25. The Church’s holy Doctrine shall be abandoned and modified to fit his sensual lifestyle. Among them shall be the vow of priestly celibacy.

V.38 The vow of priestly celibacy shall be abolished.

Ce grand monarque qu’an mort succedera
Donnera vie illicite et lubrique
Par nonchalance a tous concedera
Qu’a la parfin faudra la loi Salique

Ce: this ,that; succedera (succeder): to succeed; mort: dead; donner: to enjoy greatly; illicite: illicit, unlawful; lubrique: lewd, lecherous; nonchalance: carelessness; a tous: completely; concedera: to concede; parfin: the end; faudra (falloir): shall need; loi: law; Salique: certain tribes of ancient Frank, based on Salian code of laws, allowed only male heirs to have succession to certain lands and excluded females chiefly because certain military duties which were connected with the holdings of those lands.Here this means the vow of celibacy and male priesthood.

A great monarch shall succeed a dead one
Shall enjoy an illicit and lewd life-style
Carelessly, to all, he shall concede all
At the end of his tenure, Salic law shall be needed

COMMENT: An anti-pope shall reign and conduct a sinful life-style. He shall yield to the pressure from the heretics and the enemies of the Church , eventually shall abolish the vow of priestly celibacy and male priesthood.

IV. 40 The great Schism and religious persecution.

Les forteresses des assiegez serrez
Par poudre a feu profondes en abysme
Les proditeurs seront tous vifs serrez
Onc aux Sacristes n’advint si piteux scisme

Forteress: fortress, stronghold; assieger: besiege; serrez: enclosed, constricted; poudre: gun powder; profond: deep, dark; abysme: abyss; proditeur: (latin = proditor) traitor; onc: ever, never; sacriste: mild expletive expressing of indignation, here means religious dissents; advint (advenir): to happen; scisme: schism.

The stronghold of the besieged shall be enclosed
By gun powder and fierce fire of the abyss
The traitors shall all be engulfed
Never before that the dissents cause such pitiful schism

COMMENT: The Eastern invaders shall gain upperhand initially. The dissent clergy shall be persecuted after they cause a great Schism in the Church.

V.46 The Schism and Albania attacks Rome.

Par chappeaux rouges querelles et nouveaux scismes
Quand on aura eleu le Sabinois
On produira contre lui grands sophismes
Et sera Rome lesee par Albanois

Chapeaux: hats; rouge: red; querell: quarrel; nouveaux: new; scisme: schism; on: one; Sabinois: Sabine, one of ancient people who lived in central Italy; produira: produce; contre: contrary; lui: him, to him; sophisme: fallacious argument; lesee (leser): to injure, to wrong; Albanois: Albanie.

Due to the quarrel between cardinals and new schism
While one elects an Italian pope
One shall produce the result contrary to their fallacious arguments
And Rome shall be harmed by Albanians

COMMENT: The Schism shall take place when an Italian pope shall be selected to succeed Pope John Paul II. Then Rome shall be invaded by Albanians.

IV.29 The martyrdom of Christians and the true Church goes underground.

Oui sous terre saint d’ame voix fainte
Humain flamme pour divine voir luire
Ferra des seuls de leur sang terre tainte
Et les saint temples pour les impure destruire

Oui (ouir); heard; sous: under; terre: ground; saint: holy; ame: soul; voix: voice, sound; fainte: faint; luire: to shine, glisten; voir: to see, behold; seul: by themselves, of their own; taint: stained; leur: their; destruire: to destroy.

Underground holy saints’ faint voices are heard
Human flames shine as the Divine witnesses
By their own blood, the ground is stained
And the holy temples shall be destroyed by the impure

COMMENT: Christians shall be martyred as the enemies of the Church invade Europe and Rome. The true Church shall go underground as the heretics shall be installed in Rome by the Eastern forces.

I.52 Like the Crucified Lord, the Church shall have her own passion and crucifixion.

Les deux malin de Scorpion conjoint
Le Grand Seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle
Peste a l’Eglise par le nouveau Roy joints
L’Europe basse et Septentrioanle

Malin: evil; scorpion: army of God’s Justice (see Joel and Apocalypse); conjoint: united, joined; Grand Seigneur or Notre Seigneur: Our Lord Jesus; meurtry (tout meurtri): covered with bruises; dedans: inside; salle: hall, Roman praetorium; peste: plague; l’Eglise: the Church; joint: joined, connected; basse: lowered, debassed, humbled; septentrioanle: anagram of "serpent-et-lion", the lion beast begot by the ancient serpent mentioned in Daniel 7:4 which entices sins of flesh through feminism, sex, pornography, etc.

Two evil armies shall join forces to carry out the Divine Justice
Like the Crucified Lord being scourged at the Roman praetorium
His Mystical Body the Church shall be put through her own passion by an Italian king
Europe shall become debassed and belong to the lioness beast of fornication

IV.49 "My God, my God, why hast thou abandon me?"

Devant le peuple sang sera respandu
Que du haut ciel ne viendra eslongner
Mais d’un long temps ne sera entendu
L’esprit d’un seul le viendra tesmoigner

Devant: before, ahead; respandu: poured out, spilled; haut: high, haughty; eslongner: to come alongside; mais: but; entendu: be understood, be heard; seul: alone, on one’sown, tesmoingner: to bear witness, to prove.

Before the crowd, blood shall be shed
While the high Heaven seems abandoning mankind
And Heavenly Voice shall not be heard for a long time
One shall rely on his spirit alone

V.73 The Church shall be chastised by God including Poland.

Persecutee de Dieu sera l"Eglise
Et les saint temples seront expoliez
L’enfant, la mere mettre nud en chemise
Seront Arabes aux Polons ralliez

Dieu: God; l’Eglise: the Church; saint temple: holy temple; expoliez: exposed, abandoned; enfant: infant; mere: mother; chemise: blouse, Polons: Pologne or Poland; ralliez (raler): to rage.

The Church shall be chastised by God
And the holy temples shall be exposed
An infant pulls up the shirt of his lifeless mother to nurse
Arabians (Muslims) shall rage in Poland

COMMENT: For her defiance against God, the Church shall be chastised. The once devout Catholic countries such as Poland, France, and Italy shall be inflicted the most through barbarian hands.

VIII.98 The Church’s Martyrdom or passion.

Des gens d’Eglise sang sera expanche
Comme de l’eau en si grand abondance
Et d’un long temps ne sera restranche
Veue au clerc ruine et doleance

Gens: race, people; Eglise: the Church; espanche (epancher): to shed, overflow; comme: like; eau: water; temps: time; restranche (retrncher): to curtail, cut off, suppress; veue (voir): seen; clerc: cleric; doleance: grievance, complaint.

From the members of the Church blood shall be overflown
Like water flowing with great abundance
And for a long time shall not be suppressed
Seen are cleric ruin and grievance

COMMENT: Christians including clergy shall be persecuted greatly during the World War which shall last about 27 - 30 years. Like Christ the Head of the Church, His Mystical Body or the Church shall have to go through her own passion.

V.15 Upon sailing, the great Pontiff shall be captured.

En navigant catif pris grand pontif
Grands apprestez saillir les clers tumultuez
Second eleu absent son bien debile
Son favory bastard a mort tue

Navigant: sailing; pris: caught, taken; apprestez (aprete): bitterness; saillir: to bring out, stand out; eleu: elected; debile: weak, feeble, (n.) mental defective; favori: favorite; tue (tuer): to kill, slaughter.

Upon sailing the great pontiff shall be captured
The tumultous clergy shall bring out great bitter division
Second is elected as the chosen is so feeble and absent
His favorite bastard is put to death

COMMENT: The great pontiff here might be the one who reign at the end of the World War before the period of peace. He shall be remembered as the peace-maker.

V.44 The pope, the peace-maker, shall be kidnapped.

Par mer le rouge sera pris des pirates
La paix sera par son moyen troublee
L’ire et l’aure commettra par saint acte
Au grand pontif sera l’armee doublee

Paix: peace; moyen: means, way, middle, intermediator; ire: wrath, anger; aure (aureole): halo; commettre: to commend to; armee: army.

In the sea the red hat shall be captured by pirates
Peace through his mediation shall be in trouble
Wrath and veneration shall be commenced through saintly act
Around the great pontiff the army shall be doubled

COMMENT: This is the great pope who was mentioned in the preceding quatrain.


V.96 The Apparitions of Blessed Virgin Mary prophesied.

Sur le millieu du grand monde la rose
Pour nouveaux faits sang public espandu
A dire vrai on aura bouche close
Lors au besoin tard viendra l’attendu

Sur le milieu: in the middle...; monde: the world; rose: here Mystical Rose, one of many titles of the Mother of God; nouveaux: renewed, new; fait: act, action, deed, here faith; sang: blood; espandu (espacer): to spread; a dire vrai: to tell the truth; on: one, people; bouche: mouth; close: closed, shut; besoin: a need, hunger, thrist; tard: late; viendra: shall come; attendu: expected, awaited for.

In the middle of the world is the Mystical Rose
For the renewal blood shall be shed publicly
One shall be condemed for telling the Truth
Then the thirst as the awaited one (Messiah) shall be late in coming

COMMENT: Before He imposes His Judgment upon us, God sent His Mother, the Blessed Virgin, to guide us back to Him. We now live in the Marian era which shall be followed by the terrible period of Chastisements which is necessary for the purification of the Church.

II.27 Garabandal: God’s Mercy or the Divine Illumination upon man’s soul.

Le divin verbe sera du ciel frappe
Qui ne pourra proceder plus avant
Du reserant le secret estoupe
Qu’on marchera par dessus et devant

Divine Verbe: the Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ; frapper: to strike; proceder: to proceed; plus: more; avant: further, ahead; reserant (reserver): to reserve; marche: to walk; par dessus et devant: back and forth.

The Word of God from Heaven strikes
One shall not proceed further
Buried within, the secrets shall be exposed
One shall run back and forth in panic

COMMENT: There shall be a worlwide, universal Warning from God to all His sinful creatures. Every activity shall stop mometarily so one can examine his conscience and his past in the Presence of God. All the secrets buried deeply in one’s heart shall be revealed. This event is like a minor judgment. Afterwards the whole world shall become bewildered and panicked.

II.92 Garabandal: The Miracle and the Final Sign.

Feu, couleur d’or de ciel en terre veu
Frappe du haut n’ay, fait cas merveilleux
Grand meutre humain, prise du grand veveu
Morts d’expectacles, eschappe l’orgueilleux

Veu: viewed; frapper: to impress, surprise; naitre: to be born; haut: haughty; cas: case,event; meutre: massacre, murder; veveu (veuve): (plur. of veuf) widow; expectacle (spectacle): show, exhibition, here witness; orgueilleux: proud, haughty.

Column of fire , shining like gold from the sky to the earth
Dumb-founded is the haughty, a marvellous event
Great human massacre, great affliction to many widows
Death of witnesses, the proud shall escape death

COMMENT: Before the persecution and martyrdom of many believers and much blood shed, God shall give mankind an unusual sign in the form of heavenly fire stretching from the sky to the earth, a miraculous event which cannot be explained by haughty scientists.

III.2 Praises to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Le divine verbe pourra a la substance
Comprins ciel, terre, or occult au fait mystique
Corps, ame, esprit ayant tout puissance
Tant soubs ses pieds comme au siege Celique

Verbe: le Verbe means the Word of God; pourra (pourrir): to rot, debase, become inferior; or: gold; occult: hidden, secret; fait: action, deed, feat; corp: body; ame: soul, ayant (avoir): to have, possess; puissance: power; tant: so, so many; soubs (soubassement): pedestal, lower portion; ses: his; pied: foot, leg; comme: as siege: seat, chair; Celique (Cielique): Heavenly.

The Divine Word turns into Substance
Heaven, earth, and hidden treasure all involve in this mystical event
In Body, Soul, Spirit, He is almighty
Upon His Footstool as in His Heavenly Throne

COMMENT: Nostradamus sang praise to the Lord.

IX. 12 The Potter and His Clay.

Le tant d’argent de Diane et Mercure
Les simulacres au lac seront trouvez
Le figulier cherchant argille neuve
Lui et les siens, d’or seront abbreuvez

Tant: so much; tant d’argent: so much silver, here means thunder or lightning; Diane: (fig.) Blessed Virgin Mary; Mercure: (fig.) God’s Chastisements; simulacre: image, phantom; lac: lake (of fire); trouver: to find, discover; figulier: potter; cherchant (chercher): to seek; argile: clay; neuve: new; lui: him; sien: his; or: gold; abbreuvez (abreuver): to water, to fill up.

Warning from Blessed Virgin and Thunder of God’s Justice
Phantoms (souls) shall be found in the lake of fire
The Potter shall seek new Clay
Him and His ( children ) shall be full of golden glory

COMMENT: Blessed Mary was sent from heaven to warn mankind about the coming perils. Many shall die and their souls shall be in eternal hell-fire. The Lord (Potter) purifies and renew the earth with a new race (Clay).

VI.78 " At the end, my Immaculate Heart shall triumph..."

Crier victoire du grand Selin croissant
Par les Romains sera l’Aigle clame
Ticcin, Milan et Gennes ny consent
Puis par eux memes Basil grand reclame

Crier: cry; Selin: (Greek) moon, (fig.) Blessed Virgin; Romains: (fig.) faithful Christians, her faithful children; Aigle: eagle, (fig.) the Gospel of St. John ; clame (clamer): to proclaim; puis: then, afterwards; eux: them; memes: same; basil: (Greek) king; reclame: to claim, to demand.

The triumphant cry shall belong to the Blessed Virgin
Through the help of her faithful children, St. John’s Gospel shall be proclaimed
Ticcin, Milan, and Genoa still disconsent
Afterwards through them (Italians), the King of kings shall reclaim

COMMENT: This quatrain reflects the prophecies in Chapter 12 of Apocalypse.

VIII.95 The golden period of peace.

Le seducteur sera mis dans la fosse
Et estache jusques a quelque temps
Le clerc uni, le chef avec sa crosse
Pycante droite attraira les contens

Seducteur: the Seducer, Satan; mis: placed; fosse: pit; estache (attache): tied up; jusque: till , up to; quelque: some; clerc: clergy; uni: united; pycante: to pick; droite: straight, upright; attraira (attrait): attract; contens: dissent, heretic.

The Seducer shall be put in the pit
And tied up for some time
Clergy united, the temporal leader with the Cross
Choosing the right shall attract the dissents

COMMENT: God shall bind Satan in the dungeon for a while during the period of peace and the antichrist shall come. Temporal rulers shall become Christians who are supportive and obedient to the Holy See.