Edgar Cayce: Part 2

11. These, then, are the manners in which the entities, those beings, those souls, in the beginning partook of, or developed. Some brought about monstrosities, as those of its (that entityís) association by its projection with its association with beasts of various characters. Hence those of the Styx, satyr, and the like; those of the sea, or mermaid; those of the unicorn, and those of the various forms - these projections of what? The abilities in the psychic forces (psychic meaning, then, of the mental and the soul - doesnít necessarily mean the body, until itís enabled to be brought into being in whatever form it may make its manifestation - which may never be in a material world, or take form in a three-dimensional plane as the earth is; it may remain in a fourth-dimensional - which is an idea! Best definition that ever may be given of fourth-dimension is an idea! Where will it project? Anywhere! Where does it arise from? Who knows! Where will it end? Who can tell! It is all inclusive! It has both length, breadth, height and depth - is without beginning and is without ending! Dependent upon that which it may feed for its sustenance, or it may pass into that much as a thought or an idea. Now this isnít ideal thatís said! Itís idea! see?)

12. In the use of these, then, in this material plane - of these forces - brought about those that made for all manners of the various forms that are used in the material world today. many of them to a much higher development. As those that sought forms of minerals - and being able to be that the mineral was, hence much more capable - in the psychic or occult force, or power - to classify, or make same in its own classifications. Who classified them? They were from the beginning! They are themselves! They were those necessities as were in the beginning from an all wise Creator! for remember these came, as did that as was to be the keeper of same! The husbandman of the vineyard! Each entity, each individual - today, has its own vineyard to keep, to dress - For who? Its Maker, from whence it came! What is to be the report in thine own life with those abilities, those forces, as may be manifest in self - through its calling upon, through what? How does prayer reach the throne of mercy or grace, or that from which it emanates? From itself! Through that of crucifying, nullifying, the carnal mind and opening the mental in such a manner that the Spirit of truth may flow in its psychic sense, or occult force, into the very being, that you may be one with that from which you came! Be thou faithful unto that committed into thy keeping! Life itself is precious! For why? It is of the Maker itself! That IS the beginning! The psychic forces, the attunements, the developments, going to that! As did many in that experience. And Enoch walked with God, and he was not for God took him. As was many of those in those first years, in this land, this experience.

13. These in the present, then, do not justly call it science; rather being close to nature. Listen at the birds. Watch the blush of the rose. Listen at the life rising in the tree. These serve their Maker - Through what? That psychic force, that is Life itself, in their respective sphere - that were put for the service of man. Learn thine lesson, O Man, from that about thee!





This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home in Pinewood on Lake Drive, Virginia Beach, Va., this 29th day of April, 1932, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.

Mildred Davis, Gray Salter, H. L. & L. B. Cayce.


Time of Reading

10:40 A. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the information given through

this channel on the lost continent of Atlantis. You will

continue with this information, and will answer the questions

which I will ask regarding this:

2. EC: Yes. As to why, then, each individual must be, and is,

the keeper of his own vineyard? For there is, as from the

beginning, in each entity that - of the Father, or the First

Cause - that enables one to make manifest even in the

material world through the attributes of the First Cause,

that makes for the manifestation of that power, or force, in

a material world. As to what one does with same is an action

of the will that entity himself, or herself.

3. As to occult or psychic science, as called, then - it is, as

we have found through some manifestations, that these forces

are first recognised in or by the individual. Hence, as has

been seen, in the beginning these were the natural

expressions of an entity. As there developed more of the

individual association with material conditions, and they

partook of same in such a manner as to become wholly or in

part a portion OF same, farther - or more hidden, more unseen

were the occasional harking back. Later by dream. Again we

find individuals raised in certain sections for specific

purposes. As the cycle has gone about, time and again has

there arisen in the earth those that manifested these forces

in a more magnificent, more beneficent, way and manner. And,

as has been given, again the time draws near when there shall

be seen and known among men, in many places, the

manifestations of such forces in the material world; for "As

ye have seen him go, so will He return again." Be thou faithful unto those words He has given while yet with you.

Hence it behoves every individual to take cognisance of that

force that may manifest in their material lives, even in this

material age; for those that become ashamed for His sake -

for THAT sake - of that that may manifest (which is as the

Spiritís manner of activity) through those many channels that

are open to those who will look up, lift up - and these, we

find, are often in the lowliest of places and circumstances.

Why? Since these are forces of the Most High, since these

supplied - as of old - those secular things in abundance, and

were supplied the needs not only of the physical being but of

the mental and spiritual also, contributing to those forces

as made for the gratification also of that built in a

material world, does it become any wonder that he that shall

be abased and remains true shall wear the Crown of Life?

Does it become unreasonable, then, that ye are being

chastised for that which has been built within the material

forces of the body itself, that must be tried so as by fire?

for the chaff must be burned out! Even as with the use of

those sources of information, the abilities to become a

portion of those elements that were the creative forces OF

the compounds or elements within the universal forces, at

that period brought about those forces that made for

destruction of the land itself, in the attempt to draw that

as was in man then back to the knowledge; and these brought

about those destructive forces (that are known today) in

gases, with that called the Death-ray [See 364-11, Par. R2],

that brought from the bowels of the earth itself - when

turned into the sources of supply - that destruction to

portions of the land.

Man has ever (even as then) when in

distress, either mental, spiritual or physical, sought to

know his association, his connection, with the divine forces

that brought the worlds into being. As these are sought, so

does the promise hold true - or that given man from the

beginning, "Will ye be my children, I will be thy God!" "Ye

turn your face from me, my face is turned from thee", and

those things ye have built in thine own endeavour to make

manifest thine own powers bring those certain destructionís in

the lives of individuals in the present, even as in those

first experiences with the use of those powers that are so

taboo by the worldly-wise, that are looked upon as old menís

tales and womenís fables; yet in the strength of such forces

do WORLDS come into being!

4. This is what psychic force, and so called occult science, DID

mean, has meant, does mean in the world today.

5. Ready for questions.

6. (Q) Describe in more detail the causes and effects of the destruction of the part of Atlantis now the Sargasso sea.

(A) As there were those individuals that attempted to bring

again to the mind of man more of those forces that are

manifest by the closer association of the mental and

spiritual, or the soul forces that were more and more as

individual and personal forms in the world, the use of the

these elements - as for the building up, or the passage of

individuals through space - brought the uses of the gases

then (in the existent forces), and the individuals being able

to become the elements, and elemental themselves, added to

that used in the form of what is at present known as the

raising of the powers from the sun itself, to the Ray that

makes for disintegration of the atom, in the gaseous forces

formed, and brought about the destruction in that portion of

the land now presented, or represented, or called, Sargasso


7. (Q) What was the date of the first destruction, estimating

in our present day system of counting time in years BC?

(A) Seven thousand five hundred (7,500) years before the final destruction, which came as has been given.


8. (Q) Please give a few details regarding the physiognomy,

habits, customs and costumes of the people of Atlantis during

the period just before this first destruction.

(A) These, as we find, will require their being separated in

the gradual development of the body and its physiognomy as it

came into being in the various portions of that land, as well

as to those that would separate themselves from those peoples

where there were the indwelling of peoples, or man - as man,

in the various areas of the land, or what we call world.

In the matter of form, as we find, first there were those as

projections from that about the animal kingdom; for the

"thought" bodies gradually took form, and the various

combinations (as may be called) of the various forces that

called or classified themselves as gods, or rulers over -

whether herds, or fowls, or fishes, etc. - in part that

kingdom and part of that as gradually evolved into a

physiognomy much in the form of the present day may (were one

chosen of those that were, or are, the nearest representative

of the race of peoples that existed in this first period as

the first destructionís came about). These took on many sizes

as to stature, from that as may be called the midget to the

giants - for there were Giants in the earth in those days,

men as tall as (what would be termed today) ten to twelve

feet in stature, and in proportion - well proportioned

throughout. The ones that became the most useful were those

as would be classified (or called in the present) as the

ideal stature, that was of both male and female (as those

separations had been begun); and the most ideal (as would be

called) was Adam, who was in that period when he (Adam) appeared as FIVE-IN-ONE - See?

In this the physiognomy was that of a full head, with an

extra EYE - as it were - in those portions that became what

is known as the EYE. In the beginning these appeared in whatever portion was desired by the body for its use!

As for the dress, those in the beginning were (and the Lord

made for them coats) of the skins of the animals. These

covered the parts of their person that had become, then, as

those portions of their physiognomy that had brought much of

the desires that made for destructive forces in their own

experience; and these then were of those about them that were

given as meat, or used as same - that partook of the herbs.

These were those same herbs that the seed were to have been

for food for the man in self, and only those that partook of

same may be called even clean - in the present day. Those

that supply those same materials that are the proper building

for the forces within the anatomical forces, or physiological

forces, of a developing body; for these carry all the

elements in their natural state. Little of minerals should

ever be the properties within the system, save as may be

taken through the vegetable forces, save where individuals

have become so lax themselves as to require or need that which

will make for an even balance of same.




Zoroaster - Jesus


Q. Does this (previous answer) mean that Jesus had been Adam?

A. Study the Book which tells of him, Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary; (then)

know this is the soul entity (Joshua)

who reasoned with those who returned

from captivity in those days when

Nehemiah, Ezra, Zerubabel were factors in the attempts to re-establish the worship of God; and that (as) Joshua, the scribe, translated the rest of the books up to that time.

Then realise (also) that is the same entity, who,

as Joshua,

as the mouthpiece of Moses,

who gave the law:

and was the same soul entity who,

in those periods of the strength and

yet the weakness of Jacob in his love for Rachel, was their firstborn, Joseph.

As Zendófather of Zoroaster- this is the same entity.

And this entity was that one who had manifested to father Abraham

as the prince, as Melchizedek, the priest of Salem,

without father and without mother,

without days or years,

but a living human being in flesh,

made manifest in the earth from the desire of Father-God to prepare an escape for man;

as was warned by the same entity,

as Enoch; or,

as in those days of Asapha, or Affa,

in those periods when those of the Egyptian land were giving those counsels to the many nations, when there would be those saved of the physical from their own making (or doing) in the physical. Or, as the first begotten of the Father, who came as Amilius in the Atlantean land and allowed himself to be led into the ways of selfishness.(364-8) And this was also the entity Adam- and this was the spirit of Light.(5023-2)